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Welcome to the Walled Lake Schools Bowling Team!


General Reminders about this unique 2020/2021 Season-

  • FACEMASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES THIS SEASON!  Yes this means even while bowing (mask must be covering nose and mouth), no exceptions will be made for this.
  • Symptom screening via a QR code will need to be completed before every practice and meet.  Please have them come to the door with the application open, they can answer all questions EXCEPT THE TEMPERATURE, this will be checked at the door. If you are dropping your bowler off, please make sure to stay until they have been successfully screened to enter. 
  • There will be only a maximum of 3 BOWLING BALLS allowed per bowler to any practice or meet. Once inside the center they are not allowed to exit the center to change equipment, so choose wisely for those that are using more!
  • No sharing of any items. (bowling balls, towels, snacks etc.)
  • Nothing can be set on a shared space (table, chair, Scorer, etc) All items (towel, rosin bag etc.) must either be kept in their bag or on thier person. 
  • No food/drink may be brought into any center at any time. Please make sure they eat and hydrate before arrival. 
  • PLEASE SUPPLY YOUR BOWLER WITH HAND SANITIZER at all practices/meets. They also need to use it often!
2020/21 Bowling Ball Rule Reminder:

Effective August 1st, one change that may affect some athletes will be the weight hole rule. It will deem a bowling ball and delivery illegal.


What this means if a 2 hander throws a ball with only 2 fingers and the ball in play has 3 holes that ball is illegal.  Another example if a conventional player’s ball has 4 holes that ball is also illegal.  The penalty will be for that delivery a zero.

Please make the appropriate adjustments to any ball. If you have questions regarding if a ball is legal or not please show it to the coaching staff and discus prior to using at a meet or practice.

Thank you,

Head Coach- Jen Willbur


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