Important Upcoming Dates

Oakland County Championship

  • January 18th – Girls Varsity @ Cherry Hill Lanes North Arrive at 7:30AM
  • January 19th – Boys Varsity @ Thunderbird Lanes in Troy Arrive at 7:30AM

Annual Bowl-a-thon Fundraiser!

January 25th 1:00-4:00

Regular Practice Times:

Boys, Mondays and Thursdays 3:00 – 5:00 (Wonderland Lanes)

Girls, Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00 – 5:00 (Wonderland Lanes)


Team schedule on Google calendar

The team schedule has been put in a google calendar:

To access this google  calendar on your PC, tablet or phone follow these steps:

1) Log into Google Calendar

2) Under “Other calendar” select “Add a friend’s calendar” type

3) For iphone or ipad go to and select

To receive text reminder for each meet sign up by texting:

@wlsb to (929) 227-6563

Team Bonding Retreat

Our Team Bonding Retreat was a great success.  All of the kids had such a great time that they asked to do it again next year and would like it to be two nights instead of one!  Going into the weekend, we had a goal of what we wanted the kids to get out of this event, however, the feedback we received from them was much better than we anticipated.  It was honestly a great time had by all.  Below is a quick review what the kids did at the retreat:


We had a group dinner, which during that time, we drew names of each child.  We then paired up two kids together to have them interview each other and ask them a few questions (name, school, how long have they been bowling, what makes them unique and what is their funniest bowling moment).  After dinner our Seniors headed out with Coach Ron to start the team bonfire.  At the bonfire each bowler stood with their partner and introduced each other to the entire team.  We thought this was important to do so everyone could know each other at the start of the weekend.  We ended our bonfire with advice from our Seniors to the Underclassmen.  The advice was wonderful and some brought tears to our eyes.

After the fire, we headed to our Mini-Bowling Baker Tournament.  We set up seven lanes made out of pool noodles and little plastic bowling sets.  We drew names to make our teams and each team hit the lanes.  The first round was two baker games for all seven teams, then we went to the top four, then with the top two and finally had a winner.  It was great to see the kids having fun with each other and helping each other overcome the challenge of bowling with mini-bowling balls and pins.  This was much different than bowling with regular balls and pins … not that easy! We had a lot of laughs together.  We then celebrated Mike Lewis’s 18th birthday, had some free time and went to bed. Overall it was a great night.


We were up at 7:00 am and headed down for breakfast. We then split up into school teams and set out for our challenge course.  Each team completed the challenge courses that included high-ropes, a rock climbing wall and a team bonding game session.  It was absolutely amazing to see the kids rally around each other to work together, support each other when a friend was not confident that they could do a task and cheer each other on the entire day.  The kids all had so much fun and walked away stronger than ever as a team unit.

We will be doing follow up with the teams shortly to remind them to bring the team bonding dynamic to the lanes and support each other all the time. We will also be planning this type of event for our season next year as it was such a great success.  Thank you for sharing your children with us for the weekend, they are all amazing, strong and awesome individuals.