The Walled Lake Schools Bowling Boosters is organized for the express purpose of supporting and enhancing the Athletic Bowling Program of the Walled Lake High Schools.  The Booster Club Board consists of seven board members who work closely with the families to help generate funds for our program.  These members include a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Parent Representative for each school.  The Board also has support of a Coach Representative. The money that is raised by the booster club goes toward supporting our bowling program to make it the best it can be.

There are monthly booster meetings held at Wonderland Lanes.  We invite all parents to attend our meetings for updates on what our club is doing.  We are open to all suggestions regarding fundraising opportunities, sponsorships and parent support.

Walled Lake Schools Bowling Booster Club 2017-2018
Ken Casagrande President 248-763-2623
Jennifer Willbur Vice President 248-462-9847
Heather Oblak Treasurer 248-891-2583
George Bednar
Kenda Lamont
WLC Representative 248-425-7198
Jim Glover
WLW Representative 248-310-1478
Serena Deck
WLN Representative 248-895-9708
Coaching Staff    
John Kohler Head Coach 248-505-8827
Bill Creech/Tim Beck WLC Varsity Boys



Dez Deslippe WLC Varsity Girls 313-220-5642
Jim Carpenter WLC JV Boys
Jim Wisdom
WLN Varsity Boys 248-917-1689
Jason Willbur WLN Varisty Girls 248-931-8999
Ledon Clayborn
WLN JV Boys 248-761-5000
Chris Miller WLW Varsity Boys
WLW Varsity Girls
Milissa Straka Webmaster