Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this year’s bowling season.

Some common questions that new families often have:

Is this a Pay to Participate Sport?

It is not included in the Pay to Participate program with Walled Lake. The Boosters will also hold fundraisers throughout the season to off-set costs that are above and beyond what our bowler registration fee covers for the lanes, meets, tournaments that they do ask each family to participate in.


Is there transportation provided?

The school does not provide transportation with any portion of the program, this includes practices, meets and tournaments. Each family is responsible for providing their own transportation or having transportation in place for their bowler. Some helpful things to do if you are in need is at the Parent Meeting reach out to other families within your team to set-up carpool etc. to help with the schedule.


What will my child need to participate?

Bowlers will need Black Dress Pants (no yoga, jeans or joggers) for all Meets & Tournaments. It is also recommended that they have their own bowling shoes and bowling ball. If your son/daughter does not have a bowling ball yet I would recommend waiting to purchase. Please reach out to their team coach to see what their recommendation is for a purchase.


When / Where are practices?

Practices are held Thursdays at Wonderland Lanes from 3-5pm.


When / Where are meets / tournaments?

For Home events our Home Lanes are Wonderland Lanes. Away meets/tournaments are held in various locations and will be announced when the schedule is released. Meets will be typically on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  NEW FOR THE 2020/2021 SEASON- there will be staggered start times for meets.  Please refer to the Bowling Team Schedules for more details.  There will be no tournaments held this year due to the CoVid Pandemic.


What happens at a regular meet?

Your school’s team will bowl against another league team from the area.  The format is typically two Baker games and two regular games.  Typical length of a regular meet is 3 hours.

What happens at a tournament?

The format for tournaments is also Baker games and team games, however the order and amount of the games will vary per tournament.  Tournaments are usually quite a bit longer than regular meets and can consume the entire day.  Tournaments are usually held on the weekend.  Depending on the tournament there may be “bowl-offs” for the highest placing teams to determine final places.

What’s a “Baker game”?

The Baker format is a team-oriented concept where 5 bowlers bowl 2 frames each.

  • Bowler A: Frames 1 and 6
  • Bowler B: Frames 2 and 7
  • Bowler C: Frames 3 and 8
  • Bowler D: Frames 4 and 9
  • Bowler E: Frames 5 and 10

Interesting fact: Frank K. Baker devised the Baker system of scoring in the 1950s while he was Executive Secretary of the American Bowling Congress.

How does the scoring work in a regular meet?

Please see the link below for a document available for download from the MHSAA website for an explanation of scoring for regular season bowling.

When and where are the meets and tournaments held?

The schedule for the 2020-2021 bowling season will be posted soon.  (The schedule may change throughout the year; please bookmark that page and check back frequently.)

Please see this page for a list of this season’s bowling centers including links to Google maps for each location.

Why did my child not get to play through an entire game?

Substitutions are allowed during all games including Bakers.  These substitutions are made at the sole discretion of the team’s direct coach (i.e., varsity or JV coach) and may occur to improve the outcome of the game or to provide other team members with adequate playing time to establish or maintain averages.

Will my child miss any school?

Bowling meets are typically scheduled right after school through the week and end-of-year tournaments sometimes happen on weekdays.  This may require your child to have an early release for regular meets or miss an entire day of school for tournaments.   The Head Coach and/or your school’s parent representative will take care of arranging the early release/missed days with your school’s administrators.  As always, the make-up of any missed schoolwork is your child’s responsibility.  Academic eligibility rules apply at all times.

*Note: Your child must be in school for the entire day of a meet in order to be eligible to bowl.  Please do not schedule doctor, dentist or other non-essential appointments on the day of a meet.

Will my child be fed?

Food is not typically provided during regular meets or tournaments.  Be sure your child has snacks and/or money to purchase food as needed.

Can I take pictures of my child during a meet or tournament?

Yes, pictures are welcome, but please do not use a flash which is disruptive to the bowlers.  We encourage you to share your photos with the boosters for the year-end banquet.

What are the criteria for annual high school bowling awards?

Please see this document for high school bowling awards criteria.